What will the Bank hold?

    Media Bank is a promotional tool for all the partners to use to convey 2 concepts:

    1. What the place is like – activities, events, vibrancy
    2. What we do here – TV programmes and films produced here, including behind the-scenes.

    It will need to be of good enough technical quality and with sufficient descriptive metadata to be re-used.

    Who owns the content? What rights do I have after I have uploaded it?

    The copyright remains with the Depositor. It does not transfer to any new video that is created using Media Bank material, as a condition of the Creative Commons Licence.

    Whilst the Depositor has no editorial say in how it is used, the Bank is a co-operative with a common purpose in promoting the region. The system will track the usage of assets, and in the unlikely situation of a complaint about the use of an asset, Media Bank Admin will intervene, and can terminate the membership of the offending Partner.

    Does it matter what file types I submit?

    Media Bank will operate at the standard of High Definition broadcast, so files larger than this should be delivered in HD with a note of “Higher Quality Available” in the deposit form. Standard definition assets can be stored if they are of high editorial value. This can include historic footage shot prior to the existence of HD.

    Is there a limit to what size and lengths of files I can upload?

    The system is designed to cope with 1Terabyte of material each month, which equates to 60 hours of full HD, and should cover the activities of the partners.

    If there is a bottleneck in upload then Admin may contact individual Depositors to request a change of schedule. The most valuable files for re-use are likely to be rough-cut versions of edited videos, with the best footage collected together but not edited tightly to music, or with captions, and also easily redacted to remove any externally sourced material.

    There is a batch-upload facility, provided every file uploaded is accompanied by a completed Deposit Form.

    Do I have to prepare for upload?

    It’s good practice to get together the metadata needed to go with the assets, and you can use an Excel version of the Deposit Form to prepare.

    The Title field will automatically take the Filename used by the uploader, so depositors should ensure this provides context as well as the means to link back to their file. e.g. not DSC_1234.mov but Harbour Festival Fireworks_ DSC_1234.mov, or even better Harbour Festival Fireworks_ Watershed_DSC_1234.mov, so the originator is embedded.

    What happens once I have uploaded?

    The individual files will be transcoded into the storage version, an editable proxy and a watermarked thumbnail that appears on the site. These will all have a unique filename, derived from the Title then the date and time as a string of numbers:

    _yymmdd-hhmmss , so the file above becomes :

    Harbour Festival Fireworks_ Watershed_DSC_1234_170705-092342 inside the

    Once this is complete the files will be published. There is no moderation phase, but Media Bank Admin will have an oversight of activity and can check files.

    Will limiting to HD exclude valuable archive footage?

    Footage shot before the advent of HD video can still be deposited as it will have editorial value, the criterion for any footage that is less than HD. Showing the transformation of the region is a key part of promoting it.

    Can you delete your own footage once it has been uploaded?

    Yes, this will be a menu option for partners with a LogIn, provided this matches the ownership of the file. This will have no retrospective impact on downloads already actioned, and the videos produced from them.

    Can depositors be updated on the use of their footage?

    The data collected by the system will provide the Media Bank Admin with usage information. If this is of value it can be reported routinely to the depositors.

    If a production with my Asset in is also deposited in Media Bank, is there a danger that it is tagged as Asset not mine?

    We will encourage producers to deposit new works in Media Bank, ideally as rough cuts and master material, and these will have new, unique filenames. We will require an Edit Decision List (EDL) for the edited version, and be able to enhance the metadata of your original asset with “used in “. This will also help show if particular assets are repeated used

    What if the agreement with producers limits the use to a named project?

    In future we’d aim for use within Media Bank to be specifically noted in a contract for filming. If there is any doubt about re-use then files MUST NOT be uploaded, as that would infringe the “if you can see it you can use it” rule. To build the collection, deposits must make a re-use agreement covering past videos and other assets.

    What if some partners use more than they deposit?

    There is no formula for this, but all partners will be expected to be both depositors and producers, and upload new productions. Usage statistics will show is there is any abuse of the co-operative, and this will be addressed by Media Bank Admin. The ultimate sanction is to close the user LogIn and withdraw access.

    Isn't the need for clearance an un-necessary constraint?

    The aim is for the collection to have a wide range of high-quality, professional assets, and the system can only work if all the assets are guaranteed by the rights holder, but this is a constraint of any form of distribution, so should be part of any purposeful or professional activity. If this hasn’t been done in the past, then it will involve a process change in exchange for access to the other assets in the Media Bank.

    Media Bank will supply partners with a robust Contributor form to use to record clearance permission, but not keep these records centrally within the system.

    There may be particular constraints over usage of footage of landmarks under the Filming Permits provided by the Bristol Film Office and Bath Film Office, and these must be adhered to.

    How can we show the diversity of the region without the danger of images being used to reinforce stereotypes e.g. of urban deprivation?

    The sole aim of Media Bank is to positively promote the region, which includes positively celebrating the diversity of culture and lifestyles. Depositors can’t limit the re-use of assets, but are probably best placed to judge whether any image could be used detrimentally, and if so, should not deposit it.

    Won't we be giving away hard work?

    Media Bank exists to increase the distribution and profile of every depositor, so is an additional benefit to the original production. This includes the ‘shop-window’ function of enabling any user to view assets and see who made them, so it is important that the contact details added on upload are the best for contacting.

    What if we don't have the facility to tidy up our assets?

    Media Bank can advise on the “deliverables” required for any new projects, and how best to create them. Within the development phase there will be some resource that depositors can use to make existing video files compliant, and within the partnership there will be facilities within the FE College and University partners that may be usable.

    The central Ingest facility housed that the Engine Shed will have a free software package called Da Vinci Resolve, which enables the editing, grading and delivery of clips, and Media Bank will produce a user-guide for this.

    Can I allow my students access?

    Currently the expectation is to provide 1 LogIn per organisation, as there is a cost per licence, and it is vital that the contact details are consistent. The system itself has no limit, so multiple LogIns could be provided to different users within a partner organisation, with each identified within the mandatory field for each upload.

    However the organisation would be responsible for ensuring the security and operation, and informing Media Bank Admin when accounts should be closed.


    How do I search for an asset?

    The search box is free text like Google, and searches all words in all fields.

    It will use word stems, so Harbour returns Harbourside, as will “Harb”, along with any other assets with a description with that letter sequence. The refining options for a search include the dropdowns used within the metadata such as timelapse, performance.

    How do I download?

    You can put assets into a clip basket, or simply request the download of an individual asset as the editable proxy, or the full-resolution version (assuming you have the bandwidth).

    The Clip Baskets will be held in the system against your individual LogIn, so you can go into the system later to update, or download.
    Downloads are requested by clicking on the individual asset button, not as a batch, but you can queue up a number of downloads and each will start when it hits the top of the queue.

    What if I only want a section of the video?

    It is possible to create temporary sub-clips to download. You select the In and Out using the I and O keys. Then either add to a basket, or request download. If it is stored in a basket, a new, shorter file will be created, but only in the basket, against your LogIn.

    It will carry over the whole metadata for the original video, so you don’t lose anything, and be named as “Subclip of

    “, so in the example above, “Subclip_Harbour Festival Fireworks_ Watershed_DSC_1234.mov”

    This enables you to track back to the original. This process does clutter up the storage, so Subclips are temporary and will be purged 30 days after they were created.

    How can you prevent people using the lower resolution files without signing up for Media Bank?

    Thumbnail videos are watermarked, and can be viewed by any user. We can’t stop people who know how to rip a video from a website from doing so, but the watermark is embedded. Subscribers can log in and then download the Edit Quality version, which is not watermarked, and there will be an admin@mediabankonline.org mailbox, which will allow the team to assess any potential users before allocating them a LogIn. The system will record the details of all downloads.

    Can anyone use a downloaded file?

    The Creative Commons Licence only covers the first re-use of any file, and producers are required to not pass on files to others. Media Bank Online will be able to track the downloads of any file, and will close the account of any producer found to have passed file on outside the Partnership.

    How do I get paid if somebody uses my video and makes lots of money?

    The aim of the Media Bank is to promote the region, but it also provides a showcase for great footage. There will be a button on the page for each asset saying :

    “For Commercial Use, contact the rights owner HERE”

    This will send an e-mail to the owner e-mail address, with details of the asset, and copy to Media Bank Admin so we can track usage. The site will also have a specific sales@mediabankonline.org e-mail box, and if a general user contacts the Media Bank team with a commercial proposition, they will be passed on to the Depositor to do a licensing deal.

    If this is too onerous, the Media Bank team will licence the asset at the commercial rate using Getty Images ratecard, and share the income with the Depositor 50:50. This would help the financial sustainability of Media Bank, but is not a key aim at this early stage.

    Partners can approach each other for the commercial use of footage. Films containing Media Bank files may be submitted to Festivals etc. as this is defined as a non-commercial use.

    How do I get credited?

    Every asset has the Depositor embedded in the metadata, and the expectation is a credit either in a closing caption, within the body of the programme, or on an associated webpage. There will be reputational value in videos clearly being created from a range of partners.

    What happens if I have a deadline and need the files immediately and the website crashes / my internet is too slow?

    The Media Bank system will have a Service Level Agreement with Support Partners to the same standard as for a TV company. As well as online help, there will be support@mediabankonline.org.

    If the issue if your own connectivity, then the facility exists during office hours to download from the Engine Shed, which has fast access.

    If I wanted a specific piece of video and it wasn’t in Media Bank, can I ask if they know of a version / someone who could film it?

    The collection is limited to what can be deposited by the Partners, but there will be an admin@mediabankonline.org mailbox, which will be monitored by the team. This will not have the capacity for a defined response time.

    Can I tell if a file has been used a lot already?

    The system can register download, but not subsequent usage, so this has limited value. In fact there is a “passive reinforcer” benefit in seeing the same high-quality image from a range of sources, which illustrates the collaborative nature of the region.

Wider Aspects

    How can we make Media Bank Sustainable?

    The LEP funding covers the build and proof-of- concept phase and we will use this to develop income to sustain the project through:

    • Subscriptions for organisations to be partners. LogIns will be released on payment of the membership fee, and any organisation subsequently locked out of the system will not receive a refund.
    • Sponsorship from 3rd parties – this is a cloud-based, collaborative system which may attract a technology partner
    • Using the high quality of the system to provide purely commercial “private areas” without affecting the Media Bank service described here.
    How do we sign up subscribers?

    We will actively engage all potential users, and there will be a “sign up” button on the site for users who have looked through it but don’t have a LogIn. This will launch a webform, which is automatically mailed to Media Bank Admin. The moderator then either refuses access of sends detail of payment options for a subscription. Once payment has been received, a LogIn is sent to the applicant.